E and J Reptile Shows and Rescue

You Don't Come To See The Animals…They Come To See You!

E & J Reptile Shows & Rescue

Parma, OH 44134
PH: 216-952-5285  

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Hi, my name is Ed and to my left is my wife Jeanie; we are E and J Reptile Shows and Rescue. All of our animals live in our home and have their own specialized habitats. They are all handled and cared for by us. This makes our shows even safer when the animals are cared for and handled by their owners. We do not mix mammals in our animal shows due to a higher liability issue. People ask us why, but it is OUR choice not to mix mammals and reptiles in the same show.

We provide an adventure into the world of "Reptiles, Amphibians and Arachnids". You will get to touch, pet and even hold some amazing creatures and critters all while you are learning very interesting facts, husbandry tips and learn about conservation. You will see our alligator named "Lucky", help hold "Squasher" our big Burmese python and see many other species such as BIG and small tortoises, exotic frogs, world's largest land salamanders, exotic lizards, many species of non-venomous snakes, tarantulas, scorpions and even some desert beetles.  We bring our awesome exotic animals year round to "children's birthday parties", "private parties" (for any age group), "school classroom entertainment", any type of "live animal shows", "summer camps", "fundraisers", "church functions", "scouting events", "corporate events", "fairs", "festivals", "petting zoos", "city home days entertainment", "T.V. appearances", "grand openings", any kind of "Jungle themed parties", "modeling sessions", any kind of "photo shoots", "Australian themed parties" or any occasion or event.  If we can't do it, it would be a first.

We provide other services as well. E and J Reptile Shows is a fully insured company. "Lucky" the gator is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is micro-chipped for I.D. purposes. We also have the proper insurance to even own an American alligator. "Lucky" was a rescue from a Shaker Heights family who wasn't caring for her too well. We brought her back to health and have been using her in our shows since 2011.
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Show hours vary season to season.